My Exhibition - Lindsey Willetts Photography


An exhibition of my work entitled Time For Reflection took place In Cowbridge, Wales in February 2017.

Turning the Usual into the Unusual

The Theme:

When I started to think about preparing for the exhibition I had no idea which photographs to display. I like taking photographs of everything and my collection is quite eclectic although I particularly enjoy outdoor photography, landscapes and wildlife of all kinds. As I searched through all my images it became apparent to me how drawn I was to reflections - they can be visually stunning and intriguing. I’m also a keen traveler and I love seeing new and amazing sights, not just abroad, but all over the UK too. So, this exhibition truly was a reflection (excuse the pun) of where I’ve been and what I’ve photographed.

The Intention:

Reflections used in photography can produce some beautiful, dramatic and even fascinating images. Using water, mirrors, metallic objects, windows or any reflective surface can transform photographs into pieces of art. Experimentation with different ways of composing and cropping photographs can create unique images that will instantly catch the viewer’s eye and interest. Through the collection of photographs in this exhibition I hoped to illustrate how training your eye to look beyond the usual and looking at things differently can alter regular scenes to become enhanced, abstract or more artistic creations.

Some comments from the Exhibition Visitor Book:

"Great, vibrant colour, resplendent work!"

"Stunning photos, a real talent"

"Beautiful photos, you make me want to visit all these gorgeous places"

"What a wonderful exhibition with variety, colour and atmosphere"

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